Our Story

The Dundalk Renaissance Corporation (DRC) is a non-profit, community-based membership organization and community development corporation dedicated to revitalizing the greater Dundalk community. 

DRC was formed in April, 2001 by a steering committee of local stakeholders leading a broad-based, community planning process to re-imagine Dundalk’s future in the face of decades of industrial job losses and population decline.  This process, sponsored by Baltimore County Government, was called the Dundalk UDAT, prepared by an Urban Design Assistance Team.

neighborhood kidsOur Vision for Dundalk
We envision Dundalk's future as a sustainable community in which people live, work, and thrive.  We attract and welcome diverse neighbors.  Our parks, waterfront, schools, and commercial centers are vibrant assets that enrich our quality of life.  Our housing include a variety of choices, renovated and new, that are affordable to a wide range of people, contribute to healthy neighborhoods, and create opportunities to build wealth.  We work in partnership with our industrial sector to enhance community livability and environmental quality.

Our Mission
We mobilize stakeholders to invest in greater Dundalk’s neighborhoods, economy, and quality of life.  As a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, we utilize grants, loans, and tax-deductible contributions to fulfill our mission.

Our Values
The Dundalk Renaissance Corporation is guided by the following values:
1.    Neighborliness - Communities thrive when individuals care deeply about their neighbors, take responsibility for themselves, and support each other in times of need and celebration as well as in resolving everyday challenges.
2.    Innovation - DRC welcomes innovation and investment that strengthens Dundalk’s economic health and quality of life.
3.    Heritage - Dundalk has a rich historical legacy as a place and a people, including our role defending the nation in the War of 1812 and our demonstration of the dignity in hard work through a century of steelmaking and shipbuilding.  
4.    Diversity - Diversity of all kinds (e.g. racial, ethnic, economic) strengthens Dundalk as a community.
5.    Opportunity - The chance to succeed by contributing to society through hard work, living in a safe, stable neighborhood, obtaining a quality education, and building wealth through homeownership should all be available in Dundalk.  
6.    Walkability -  A walkable historic downtown is integral to Dundalk’s identity.
7.    Sustainability - Creating a cleaner, greener Dundalk benefits residents, neighborhoods, and the environment.
8.    Engagement - Our community is strongest when its residents and businesses are involved by providing input and investing resources as volunteers and stakeholders in the community’s future.
9.    Unity - While each neighborhood has a special identity and history, together they form a cohesive Dundalk community

Our Programs
We work in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders including community residents, government, and the private sector to implement projects and seek investments that revitalize Dundalk.  DRC’s approach builds on our community’s strengths, which include 43 miles of waterfront, affordable homeownership opportunities, a walkable historic district, and close proximity to Baltimore City, major highways and employers.

DRC is a certified Maryland Main Street, Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) and a watershed organization.  We create housing opportunities affordable to people with a wide range of incomes; organize our Main Street business district to boost business; promote our neighborhoods as great places to live and work; and engage community residents to promote pride, strengthen neighborhood associations, and improve our watershed.  

DRC believes in partnerships and collaboration, and that no one entity can do it all.  We acknowledge that there are many areas of work that are critical to our community’s future which are beyond the scope of what our organization can pursue at this time.  We welcome opportunities to partner and support others’ endeavors to make Dundalk the best it can be. 

The rest of our website shows some of what our organization is working on now, and some of our recent accomplishments.  You can also check out our Strategic Plan (PDF) completed in November, 2013, to learn more about where we're headed.

St.HelenaTreePlantingCommunity Involvement 
We encourage resident and business involvement in all aspects of our work!  You can become a member of the DRC and join one of our committees.  Check out our Events page and our Get Involved page for current activities and volunteer opportunities!

A copy of DRC's governing documents, conflict of interest policy, and most recent financial statements are available upon request.