We Work to Revitalize Dundalk Everyday

Who We are

We’re a non-profit community development organization dedicated to Dundalk’s revival by building on our community’s strengths.

Dundalk has 43 miles of gorgeous waterfront.  Affordable homes for families of all sizes.  A walkable National Register Historic District.  Close proximity to night life and sporting events.  Access to major highways and employment opportunities inside the city and out.

We work to grow new businesses at The Forge and strengthen the Historic Dundalk Town Center commercial area by influencing investment decisions made by business, developers, government, and individuals like you!

Our Values

We embrace diversity and inclusiveness of all kinds. Our diversity strengthens Dundalk as a community.

 Our community is strongest when its residents and businesses invest time and resources as volunteers and stakeholders in the community’s future. We advocate for the implementation of policies, programs, and projects that benefit Dundalk.

Dundalk has a rich historical legacy as a place and a people, including our walkable National Register Historic District, our role defending the nation in the War of 1812 and our demonstration of the dignity in hard work through a century of industry.

Dundalk Renaissance welcomes innovation and investment that strengthens Dundalk’s economic health and quality of life.

Communities thrive when individuals care deeply about their neighbors, take responsibility for themselves, and support each other in times of need and celebration as well as in resolving everyday challenges.

Dundalk should offer all its residents a chance to succeed through access to jobs and job training; safe, stable neighborhoods; a quality education; a clean and healthy environment; and home ownership that builds wealth.

Creating a cleaner, greener, walkable, bikeable Dundalk benefits residents, neighborhoods, and the environment.

While each neighborhood has a special identity and history, together they form a cohesive Dundalk community that is strongest when working together.


What We Do

Neighborhood Stabilization

Senior home repairs. Neighborhood spruce ups.  Vibrant Neighborhood Loans.

Commercial Revitalization

Food truck festivals. Makers in the Main Street. Facade improvements. Greening. Murals. Business Owner Collaboration.

Marketing to the Next Generation  

Market Boost Program.  Quality Renovations. Home Buyer Grants. Financial Education. 

Small Business Incubation

Pop up shops. Networking events. Seminars. Business counseling. Flex space rental.

Homeowner Grants
Revitalizing the HDTC
Home Buyer Grants
Forge Your Future Here

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