It’s the Right Thing To Do

End-of-year giving – we all receive numerous requests from groups and organizations we know – and many that we don’t. If we start with the knowledge that organizations who do so much good (like Dundalk Renaissance!) could do even more with additional funding, and if their missions have a personal meaning, then choosing becomes easier.

Yes, we do apply for and receive grants for much of our work. Dundalk is a better place because of our free community events, home owner assistance programs that improve the safety, appearance and value of properties, our home buyer forgivable loan program and marketing that attracts new residents, our business facade improvement program in Historic Dundalk Town Center, the creation of The Forge, our business incubation and community meeting space, and more. Click here for a summary of our past work. We’d like to expand every program and take on new challenges in the community!

So if you want to conclude your holiday season with a gift that has meaning for yourself, this organization and our community, please donate; you choose your amount.  Your gift becomes part of the bedrock support funders want to see, enables us to expand our work, and makes Dundalk a stronger community. Thank you!