Turner Station’s Story of Spirit

Turner Station, one of our Focus Neighborhoods, enjoyed some nice press in the Baltimore Sun on Feb. 2 – did you see it? It’s an authentic, honest and at the same time hopeful story about the once-thriving community. Like so many other neighborhoods, businesses have gone and all sorts of challenges have moved in. The core of the story, however, is the strong spirit of revival and growth that residents feel – many are the elders providing the energy that drives the Turner Station Conservation Teams, a nonprofit, which has attracted investment and helped get a new community center built. They’re still going strong.

The caring for family, neighbors and community is still here, as is the determination to overcome current problems and pave the way for a revival. We’re proud to have our programs in Turner Station that have improved the facades of an entire block, provided seniors with safety improvements in their homes, and enabled homeowners to make major physical improvements.

Read the Sun story – especially if you don’t know much about Turner Station’s rich history and the people and principles that form its foundation. You’ll understand the determination of its leaders to preserve the essence of what made Turner Station such a special place, and to dream and design what that might look like in a more mobile, more integrated 21st century.