This winter, Dundalk’s young aspiring photographers have a golden opportunity to explore their creativity through a special photography class hosted at The Forge. Led by the talented local photographer, Jennifer Smutek, whose passion for photography knows no bounds, this class promises to be a transformative experience for kids aged 8-13.

When asked about the inspiration behind starting this class, Jennifer said, “I was inspired to start this class, in hopes of encouraging young people to explore their creative side, through photography. Photography has had a positive impact on practically every facet of my life; not just in my career, but in the totality of how I experience the world around me.”

Choosing The Forge as the venue was a no-brainer for Jennifer. As a proud Dundalk native, she wanted to ensure that the children in her hometown had access to quality photography education. “First and foremost, I wanted to ensure that the children in my hometown of Dundalk would have access to these classes,” she explains. “Secondly, I wanted the children to have a full experience – from learning the foundational photography concepts, to practicing, critiquing, and exhibiting their work.”

Jennifer’s experience using The Forge for this class has been nothing short of fantastic. The space offers all the amenities needed for an enriching learning environment, including a large TV monitor for class material and feedback sessions, ample seating for both kids and their parents, and visually stimulating backgrounds for photography practice. “Being able to exhibit their work in the same meeting space has been amazing!” Jennifer said.

With an age range of 8-13, this class caters to young photographers at various stages of their creative journey. And Jennifer’s plans extend beyond just this winter – she hopes to make this class a regular occurrence, offering it every winter to continue nurturing the artistic talents of Dundalk’s youth.

In a world where creativity knows no bounds, Jennifer Smutek’s photography class at The Forge is empowering young minds to capture the beauty of their surroundings through the lens, one click at a time.