The Erickson’s were in need of a new kitchen. Maxine says, “We’ve been talking about a kitchen update for many years but it never seemed to be the right time, financially.” That was until they learned about DRC’s the Vibrant Neighborhoods Renovation Loan(home improvement loan) 

What they got was a makeover! 

“I can’t thank the DRC enough for helping us to finally make our tired, out-of-date kitchen, now one I love to be in. I am looking forward to future programs sponsored by the DRC. I love what they’re doing for the neighborhood!” 

“When we heard about the program, we knew we had to find out more information. It turned out to be just what we needed to feel confident in starting our project and the process couldn’t have been easier. If we had questions or an issue, DRC was always there to help with answers and solutions.” 

Maxine hopes other residents will apply. “It can only help and it really was an easy process. We told our neighbor about it, and she was approved for a new roof and painting.” 

And with anyone having reservations about applying, “I imagined the process was going to be aggravating and invasive. Not the case at all!”