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Jean Kettell Dance Studio, Milestone Winner


Jean Kettell Dance Studio was founded by Jean Kettell on her parent’s porch after a May Day celebration at Edgemere Elementary school.  Several of her classmates marveled at Jean’s grace and dance ability.  They begged her to teach them how to dance.  Jean’s father worked two jobs and her mother also worked, but managed to take her two daughters to weekly dance lessons by street car and two buses.    “In those days there weren’t that many dance studios in Baltimore,” Jean explained.  “My mother used to dance in her parlor when she was a kid, but her mother didn’t really support [...]

Jean Kettell Dance Studio, Milestone Winner2022-05-26T10:35:13-04:00

J.D. Urbach, Milestone Award Winner


J.D. Urbach is a former Dundalk resident and lifelong volunteer whose work with the Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke School, the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) and the Boy Scouts of America is why he is one of this year’s Milestone Award winners. He joined the Cub Scouts in 1983 after a flier was distributed in his 2nd grade class at Bear Creek Elementary.  He’s been registered in the BSA for the nearly 40 years since. Rising to the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout in Troop 409 during high school, J.D. became involved with the local scout council recruitment process [...]

J.D. Urbach, Milestone Award Winner2022-05-25T15:08:44-04:00

Then and Again, Milestone Award Winner


Then and Again Secondhand Store, located at 79 Shipping Place, is receiving the Milestone Award for their dedication and commitment to the community. Since they opened three years ago, they've forged partnerships with the Family Crisis Center and Soup for the Soul and work to create an affordable shopping experience for clients of all price ranges.   "The Historic Dundalk Town Center was a good spot for us because it filled a void in the center of the community," Rachel Winkler, who owns Then and Again with her husband Mike Winkler, said. "When we opened, there was no store like us [...]

Then and Again, Milestone Award Winner2022-05-25T09:49:42-04:00

Arkia Wade, Milestone Award Winner


Most of us think about volunteering in our community to “give back” to those who laid a foundation for our personal growth, cultural enrichment and the fun of meeting new people. To some it is just an aspiration but for Arkia Wade it is an inspiration. Are you familiar with any of the following organizations? A. Turner Station Conservation Teams B. Turner Station Girl Scouts C. Baltimore County Arts Guild D. Henrietta Lacks Legacy Group E. Dundalk Cares If so, the members of all these community- based groups, know Arkia Wade well. As she states: her self- professed love of people, [...]

Arkia Wade, Milestone Award Winner2022-05-24T12:11:54-04:00

George Fotis, Owner of Drug City Pharmacy and Cornerstone Award Winner


George Fotis is receiving the Cornerstone Award for his volunteer work and willingness to help the Dundalk Community whenever and wherever needed. He has served on various community boards including the Dundalk Renaissance Committee, Dundalk Chamber of Commerce and Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke's School Board. As a pharmacist, he focused on making his patients better and now as a business owner he believes the store has a duty to help the community however it can. This is evident as Drug City Pharmacy regularly donates their time, products and services to whoever asks. "As a part of the community, we do [...]

George Fotis, Owner of Drug City Pharmacy and Cornerstone Award Winner2022-05-24T09:35:47-04:00

Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company, Cornerstone Award Winner


Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company is celebrating their 80th year serving the community. Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company was created to address the need for fire protection in the neighborhoods of Inverness and Rosewald Beach. Founded in 1942 during WWII when there was a concern that an attack on Bethlehem Steel from enemy forces could lead to fires and pandemonium in the surrounding neighborhoods.  “In 80 years a lot has changed and in some aspects nothing’s changed.” Bob Frances, Wise Avenue’s public information officer, said. “We went from a single, trailer-mounted civil-defense pump to the complex fire apparatus and ambulance, we have today. Equipment’s changed, but the commitment hasn’t.” Over the years the changing mission of the fire [...]

Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company, Cornerstone Award Winner2022-05-23T11:50:23-04:00

Celebrating 20 Years; First In-person Milestone Awards in Two years; Farewell to Longtime Executive Director


This year’s Milestone Award Ceremony will be held on May 26, 2022 (6pm) at Sparrows Point Country Club. We have a lot to celebrate this year, including our first in-person Milestone Award Ceremony in two years and 20 years of building a better Dundalk. In 20 years, we’ve provided 2,700 people with financial counseling, tax preparation help and housing resources; renovated 529 homes; hosted 314 events engaging 35,025 people; invested $1.85 million in Historic Dundalk Town Center Businesses and so much more.  “We would not have been able to achieve as much as we have without a dedicated staff supported by [...]

Celebrating 20 Years; First In-person Milestone Awards in Two years; Farewell to Longtime Executive Director2022-03-17T11:25:09-04:00

Congratulations and Farewell to Executive Director Amy Menzer


Executive Director Amy Menzer Departing After 15 Years of Leadership;  Deputy Director Tasha Gresham-James will Serve as Interim Executive Director  After more than 15 years, Executive Director Amy Menzer is moving on. Dundalk, MD--Under Amy’s leadership, Dundalk Renaissance has established programs supporting housing renovations, neighborhood marketing, main street business development, community engagement, and the most recent addition, financial counseling. She guided the board of directors through 4 Strategic Planning processes while raising over $13 million from public and private sources. During that time, the organization has achieved much success with a small staff that grew from 1 to 6, including assisting [...]

Congratulations and Farewell to Executive Director Amy Menzer2022-03-03T10:52:03-04:00

Dundalk Renaissance is a United Way Change Maker Challenge Grant Recipient


We’re so excited to announce that we are the recipient of a $10,000 grant from United Way through their Change Maker Challenge. “We are so grateful to have been selected as one of the top 10 finalists in Baltimore County by United Way,” Executive Director, Amy Menzer said. Our housing and financial counselor, Sonya Dease, pitched a new program that would help Dundalk families facing eviction stay in their homes.  We know the pandemic has been on hardworking families and sometimes that meant getting behind on the mortgage--which is why families who enter into our program will be eligible to [...]

Dundalk Renaissance is a United Way Change Maker Challenge Grant Recipient2021-12-02T15:04:28-04:00

Meet the Forge’s Newest Business Incubation Tenant: Potluck Collaborative


Potluck Collaborative was founded in 2020 by sisters Jessica and Valerie Kessler.  Potluck Collaborative sells a variety of handmade items including earrings, scarves, keychains, and DIY craft kits in a range of prices for a variety of ages. When they’re not at Potluck Collaborative the sisters are heavily engaged with their Girl Scout Troops—which is where they got the idea for Potluck Collaborative.  COVID 19 changed the way the Kesslers engaged with their Girl Scout Troop.  Valerie spent countless hours on Zoom with her Scouts making crafts with common everyday items, only to learn that the girls didn’t have access to what Valerie [...]

Meet the Forge’s Newest Business Incubation Tenant: Potluck Collaborative2021-11-24T12:25:43-04:00
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