Our Buyer Events

Our Buyer Events2019-03-21T15:48:46-04:00

Free educational events turn renters into buyers!

Almost everyone is confused about the home purchase process, especially the first time. We put the pieces of the puzzle together and get you started with the team you need to be successful!

Neighborhood Close Up Tours on Saturday mornings are visits to homes currently on the market. Light breakfast fare, an overview of home buyer certification, an explanation of our home buyer grant programs, and a few words from a lending and real estate professional get you started on the path to home ownership.

Be A Buyer Workshops are after-hours informal events that explain home buyer certification, our grant programs, the mortgage application, credit building and the services of a real estate agent. Time for questions and 1-on-1 conversations with our lender and real estate partners will personalize this event for you and give you a home purchase process.

New! We will be offering free after-hours informal ‘smarter money’ sessions in our renovated first floor space, The Forge. Banking professionals will discuss basic household finances and budgeting, credit building, records needed for home purchase and other relevant topics.

These events satisfy the attendance requirement for our own grant programs, in addition to providing you with important info you need. They are announced on Facebook, in the Dundalk Eagle, in our e-newsletter and on our website home page.  Join us!