For those of us who are home from school and work filling our days might seem challenging, but we have options:

Check out the Library.   

Both Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL) and Baltimore City’s Enoch Pratt  physical locations are closed to the public, but their digital libraries remain open.  You can download the Libby App and access books, audiobooks, television shows, magazines, and comics digitally.  

Customers who use BCPL can access the library and databases remotely:

Enoch Pratt offers a wide away of virtual children’s programming. Kids can get 24 hour one-on-one homework help with HelpNow, learn something new with  Gale Courses which provide short, topical courses taught by college instructors and other experts in the field; participate in BookFlix, a family-friendly reading program;  learn new things with World Book Online for Kids  which offers easy-to-read articles and a wealth of engaging multimedia, games, science projects, interactive tools, and activities. 

If you don’t have a library card, Enoch Pratt can help.  Follow these steps to get your eCard. 

Support Local Businesses. 

These Historic Dundalk Town Center shops are open digitally. Dude’s Snack Attack, Laurie’s Candles and Crafts, Little Crystal Bijoux, Then & Again and Zallies are moving to a digital format.  Check the store’s Facebook or website for details.

Chat with family, friends and neighbors—just not in person!  

Be sure to maintain a healthy social life by scheduling phone calls with loved ones.  If you have access to a computer, tablet, or smart phone video chatting is a breeze! Numerous sites offer video chatting for free.  Our office has been using Zoom, Gchat video, Facetime, and Skype to virtually see our loved ones.  

Learn a new language.

Learn a new language on Duolingo, for free.  The app is available on the app store or can be accessed online If you’re interested in learning French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, or Chinese—check out Radio Lingua’s Coffee Break series.  They offer free online classes and free short podcasts that cover the basics of a new language.    

Stay fit.  

Check out free classes online that can help you stay in shape or find a new fitness routine that works for you.   

 Learn something new.

Visit a museum virtually or learn something new from a leading scientist or subject matter expert.

Keep others safe.

Most importantly, avoid going out in public unless it is absolutely necessary.  If you do have to go out, be sure to maintain a distance of 6 feet between yourself and others.  COVID 19 can be deadly to the elderly and those with underlying health conditions like Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease.  Check out our COVID 19 resource page for more information on local services in the the area.