In a world filled with countless photographs, it takes a unique perspective to stand out. Photographer Jamie-Leigh Bissett brings a refreshing and offbeat approach to her art, capturing both people and landscapes in a way that reflects their true essence. 

Jamie-Leigh’s artistic roots can be traced back to her childhood. Growing up in a family that valued various artistic pursuits, she was exposed to a diverse range of creative outlets. From baking with her mom and grandmother to playing instruments with her uncle, artistry flowed through her veins. It was her boyfriend Steve, now husband, who gifted her a camera for her 22nd birthday that ignited her passion for visual arts, a passion that has sustained her for two decades. 

For Jamie-Leigh, photography is an opportunity to capture the beauty and uniqueness of individuals and nature. She finds joy in photographing people, especially when they are actively involved in the process. 

“I bring small digital cameras for my youngest subjects so they can return the favor and take photographs of me behind the scenes,” Jamie-Leigh said. “This tiny gesture has sparked more than a few little ones to ask for cameras the following Christmas. I get great pleasure in inspiring a new generation of photographers to want to create.” 

Her ability to create a relaxed environment allows natural expressions to emerge, capturing offbeat portraits of individuals, families, pets and events. Additionally, Jamie-Leigh finds solace in landscape photography, using it as a means to reconnect with nature and find balance in her own life. 

Jamie-Leigh’s landscape photography serves as both a creative pursuit and a vital source of personal well-being. Being an introvert, she finds solace and rejuvenation in spending time alone in nature. Living in the bustling city, Jamie-Leigh often wakes up in the middle of the night to explore and capture the stillness of Baltimore’s landmarks and cityscapes.

“I love capturing the beauty of nature in my photos and showcasing it to others. It’s amazing to see how a landscape can evoke different emotions in people and I hope my photos can inspire them to appreciate and protect our planet,” Jamie-Leigh said. 

Cloudy skies, dramatic lighting and elements in motion, such as water and clouds, contribute to the perfect photo for her. Experimenting with long exposure photography adds a unique texture and depth to her landscapes, creating captivating scenes that preserve the beauty of the world she encounters. Through her lens, she captures the harmony and serenity that can be found amidst the chaos and ugliness of the world, reminding us to appreciate the natural wonders that surround us. 


Jamie-Leigh acknowledges that sometimes the perfect shot is only revealed during the editing process. While getting the settings right during a photo shoot is crucial, she also believes in the transformative power of post-production edits. With subtle adjustments, she breathes life into her photographs, enhancing contrast, vibrant, clarity and sharpness. 

 Jamie-Leigh’s work is a reflection of her individuality and refusal to conform to conventional norms. Her offbeat approach creates a unique and captivating body of work. She encourages viewers to embrace individual expression and appreciate the unconventional beauty found within her photographs.

Visitors can view her work on display at the Gallery @ the Forge from July 20-August 17.  A gallery opening with light fare will take place on July 20 from 6pm-8pm and a gallery closing where clients can pick up any purchased work will be held on August 17 from 6pm-8pm. Jamie-Leigh’s portfolio can be viewed online at