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Welcome New Board Members!


Dundalk Renaissance Adds 5 New Volunteers to its Board of Directors! New Officers Elected. Four Longtime Board members Step Down.  Dundalk Renaissance is pleased to announce our 2020-21 Board of Directors, who met for the first time via Zoom on September 10, 2020. Joining us as new Board members this month are:   Laticia Braxton Owner of the new Plush Hair Studio in the Historic Dundalk Town Center and Director of Operations for Blue Ocean.  Cory D. Edwards, Vice President Lifelong Dundalk resident who works as a School Emergency Management Specialist for the Maryland Emergency Management Agency.  Lakeia Newkirk Recent Dundalk home [...]

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ICYMI: Housing Week Recap


Housing Week Day 1 Recap: Credit and Credit Restoration We're recapping all our tips from yesterday's first day of Housing Week--a weeklong tip series aimed to help prospective buyers rest easy knowing they have all the info they need to understand the home buying process. What is credit: Credit Scores are numbers between 300 and 850 that let lenders know your credit worthiness. The higher the score the more reliable you are as a borrower. A good credit score is 670-739. A very good credit score is 740-799. An excellent credit score is 800-850. Don't [...]

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New Financial Counseling Services Available!


Welcome Sonya Dease! Dundalk Renaissance’s Housing and Financial Counselor  Dundalk Renaissance is excited to announce the expansion of our work in Housing and Financial Counseling.  Our team now includes a full-time, dedicated counselor and financial coach, Sonya Dease. Since 2014 we have assisted hundreds of home buyers throughout their home ownership journey and provided more than 125 households with deferred, forgivable loans to help them buy into Dundalk.  Now with Sonya on our team, we will be able to provide financial guidance and aid individuals and families on their financial fitness journey, helping them create lifelong stability wherever they go.    Sonya brings a deeper level of expertise and will offer a [...]

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Skin Care Lovers Must Check Out Pink Walnut


Skin Care Aficionados Rejoice! The Historic Dundalk Town Center Has Its Very Own Body Bistro Check it out: 36 N Dundalk Avenue!  What started as a natural skin care hobby for Najma Jamaludeen turned in to an online business and now a brick and mortar store in the Historic Dundalk Town Center.  After 10 years of an online store and numerous festivals and fairs in Michigan and Maryland, Ms. Jamaludeen decide to put down roots in Dundalk.  Pink Walnut is located at 36 N Dundalk Ave.  Ms. Jamaludeen makes all her products fresh while you wait, allowing her costumers to pick the ingredients that [...]

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Tips from Residential Mortgage Solutions: Selecting the Right Lender for You


Residential Mortgage Solutions has been a proud sponsor of Dundalk Renaissance since 2015.  Dundalk Renaissance does not require any prospective grant program participant to use a particular lender or realtor to access our grant.  Purchasing a home can feel overwhelming. There are various moving parts and sometimes it seems like they will never fit together. Save yourself the headache and work with a lender who can work for you. We recommend creating a list of considerations before interviewing potential lenders. 1. Speed. With mortgage rates at some of the lowest we have seen in years and [...]

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Gemstone Winner Alyson Marshall


Alyson Marshal enrolled in Sollers Point Technical High School's Pastry Arts program because of her love of baking spurred by quality time baking with her godmother as a young child. "Once I got into my program I saw how much work it is to do catering orders, create menus, plan, or budget. I loved doing catering once I saw the big picture how all the hard work paid off," Marshall said. Marshall donated her time and talents, along with her classmates, to bake dozens of cookies for Dundalk Renaissance's Holiday Hoopla. Our staff was immediately impressed by [...]

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New Roots Planted in Dundalk!


New Roots Planted in Dundalk! Social worker and foster parent Alfredo Santiago rented for six years before finally becoming a homeowner in Turner Station this spring. Mr. Santiago knew he could be a homeowner. He wanted to be one from the moment he moved into his last apartment in Dundalk three years ago. “I told myself the next place I would move into would be my own home.” Mr. Santiago qualified for our Home Buyer Grant Program which seeks to attract higher income earners (between 80%-120% of the average median income in Baltimore County) to Dundalk and is funded through Maryland [...]

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Milestone Award Winner Will Feuer


If you live in the Dundalk community, it’s safe to say you’ve directly benefited from Will Feuer’s community work. Feuer was Board President at Dundalk Renaissance for 3 years. In his time here, Feuer led the Dundalk Renaissance with integrity but that’s not the only reason he is one of our Milestone Winners.  Feuer sits on multiple boards including Dundalk High School PTA, Dundalk Optimist Club, and the Eastern Regional Lions Club. He steps in when folks need help. “A colleague was complaining about the mandatory volunteer hours he needed to do at his kid’s school. He at least was doing [...]

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Camp Quarantine: Staying Busy While Social Distancing.  


For those of us who are home from school and work filling our days might seem challenging, but we have options: Check out the Library.    Both Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL) and Baltimore City’s Enoch Pratt  physical locations are closed to the public, but their digital libraries remain open.  You can download the Libby App and access books, audiobooks, television shows, magazines, and comics digitally.   Customers who use BCPL can access the library and databases remotely: Enoch Pratt offers a wide away of virtual children’s programming. Kids can get 24 hour one-on-one homework help with HelpNow, learn something new with  Gale [...]

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Milestone Awardee Cortney Roberston


Cortney Robertson is the founder and CEO of I Believe In Me, or IBIM for short.  IBIM currently operates in both the Turner Station and Woodlawn communities.  The organization focuses on empowering girls from ages 8-18, teaching them how to become the best versions of themselves. Robertson’s experience as a mother and daughter of a single parent household inspired her to found IBIM.  “Watching my daughter grow into a young woman has felt like one of my greatest accomplishments yet.  She watches my every move and looks to me for guidance. I realized while watching her one day that every girl [...]

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