Dundalk Renaissance Talks Taxes on WMAR


Dundalk Renaissance recently made a guest appearance on WMAR's Midday Maryland, and let me tell you, it was packed with valuable insights. This community development organization is making waves in Baltimore County and City, offering free housing and financial counseling services. Our partnership with Maryland CASH Campaign means we can provide free tax filing for individuals who earned less than $64,000 in 2023. It's all about supporting our community and ensuring everyone has access to essential resources. WE try to go above and beyond by offering free business development counseling and organizing fantastic events like our upcoming Housing Fair at [...]

Dundalk Renaissance Talks Taxes on WMAR2024-02-06T17:43:54-04:00

Capturing Creativity: Dundalk’s Young Photographers Shine at The Forge


This winter, Dundalk's young aspiring photographers have a golden opportunity to explore their creativity through a special photography class hosted at The Forge. Led by the talented local photographer, Jennifer Smutek, whose passion for photography knows no bounds, this class promises to be a transformative experience for kids aged 8-13. When asked about the inspiration behind starting this class, Jennifer said, "I was inspired to start this class, in hopes of encouraging young people to explore their creative side, through photography. Photography has had a positive impact on practically every facet of my life; not just in my career, but in [...]

Capturing Creativity: Dundalk’s Young Photographers Shine at The Forge2024-02-06T10:25:40-04:00

Capturing Moments: A new exhibit with Dundalk Photographer Jamie-Leigh Bissett


In a world filled with countless photographs, it takes a unique perspective to stand out. Photographer Jamie-Leigh Bissett brings a refreshing and offbeat approach to her art, capturing both people and landscapes in a way that reflects their true essence.  Jamie-Leigh's artistic roots can be traced back to her childhood. Growing up in a family that valued various artistic pursuits, she was exposed to a diverse range of creative outlets. From baking with her mom and grandmother to playing instruments with her uncle, artistry flowed through her veins. It was her boyfriend Steve, now husband, who gifted her a camera for [...]

Capturing Moments: A new exhibit with Dundalk Photographer Jamie-Leigh Bissett2023-05-30T11:02:50-04:00

“Over the Rainbow” A Mixed Medium Art Exhibit with Barbara Bustard


Barbara Bustard's creations are a reflection of her passion for bright colors, spreading joy, and embracing diversity. Her upcoming exhibition this June at the Gallery @ the Forge is titled "Over the Rainbow" and will run from June 8-July 13.   Barbara Bustard's journey as an artist is intertwined with a beautiful love story. She met her partner, Judith, at church, and over time, their friendship blossomed into something more. On a memorable Palm Sunday in 2015, they realized the depth of their connection and decided to embark on a lifelong journey together. Their marriage on August 28, 2016 marked the beginning [...]

“Over the Rainbow” A Mixed Medium Art Exhibit with Barbara Bustard2023-05-19T10:58:27-04:00

DHVM Gets Financial Counseling at Dundalk Renaissance


Since 2019 Dundalk Renaissance has partnered with Dundalk High School’s Interactive Media Productions program. The Career and Technology completer produces a monthly news program for BCPS TV called, “Dundalk High Video Magazine (DHVM).” We were excited to reach students about our community events and ways we might be able to help them or their families. “We love to be involved in the community,” Meghan Sweeney, marketing manager at Dundalk Renaissance said. “Getting to be around the students at Dundalk High School helps us gain more prospective about what the future of Dundalk will look like and how we can continue to [...]

DHVM Gets Financial Counseling at Dundalk Renaissance2023-03-22T15:59:32-04:00

New In 2023


This year, Dundalk Renaissance is offering $10,000 Home Buyer Grants; free financial fitness, tenant and landlord rights and foreclosure workshops; business development counseling and free state and federal tax intake to qualifying households. Home Buyer Grants and Classes Ten $10,000 home buyer grants will be available to future Dundalk home owners starting January 1, 2023.  The five year-forgivable loan is a continuation of our existing Dundalk-wide home buyer grant program and is funded the Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative.  “With the increasing interest rate and home sale prices, the need to increase our home buyer grant was obvious,” Tasha Gresham James, executive [...]

New In 20232023-02-03T17:29:25-04:00

Meet Our New Program Manager: Valerie Rivera-Maldonado


Meet Valerie Rivera-Maldonado, Dundalk Renaissance’s new program manager.  Valerie joined our team at the end of 2022. As a native Puerto Rican professional, she has dedicated over six years of her career to facilitate access to services among Hispanic communities in the non-profit and government sectors. In Maryland, she worked at Esperanza Center and most recently at Leadership Howard County, working collaboratively in the development of initiatives that serve diverse communities.   As part of her new role, Valerie will assist in translating and adapting educational materials for individuals and households engaging in our housing and financial counseling programs while engaging [...]

Meet Our New Program Manager: Valerie Rivera-Maldonado2023-02-01T10:57:29-04:00

Meet Jennifer Smutek, photographer of “Beautiful Dundalk” exhibit in the Forge


Jennifer Smutek is a Dundalk local whose passion for art started as a child.    “My favorite toy as a child was a pretend polaroid camera; and, by the time I was 8, I knew I wanted to be a professional photographer,” Jennifer said. Her father, Mike, purchased her toy camera and then a real camera for her to learn on.  Her childhood passion led her to seriously pursue the craft in high school and later at the Community College of Baltimore County.  She established a photography business in 2007 that focused primarily on portraits.  The pandemic shifted the way she viewed [...]

Meet Jennifer Smutek, photographer of “Beautiful Dundalk” exhibit in the Forge2022-10-04T10:18:05-04:00

New Team Member: Stevie Mosley, Community Engagement Coordinator


We’re excited to welcome Stevie Mosley to our team.  Stevie will be out in the community as our community engagement coordinator. You’re likely to see him at tabling events or around the neighborhoods helping Dundalk’s neighborhood associations reach their residents.  Stevie is a people person and can’t wait to help the Dundalk community. “I look forward to meeting new people with the potential of learning from them in return,” Stevie said.  When looking for a new job, Stevie knew he wanted to work somewhere meaningful. He decided to apply to Dundalk Renaissance because of our extensive community and housing work. Stevie [...]

New Team Member: Stevie Mosley, Community Engagement Coordinator2022-09-06T12:18:02-04:00

New Team Member: Lisa Wright, Housing Counselor


We’re excited to welcome Lisa Wright to our team as our new housing counselor. Lisa will assist Sonya Dease, our housing and financial counselor, in our housing initiatives work.  She will be available for one-on-one counseling; help manage our Dundalk-wide grant program and assist in our home buyer education classes. When asked why she wanted to join our team, Lisa said “I loved the Dundalk Renaissance mission: Mobilizing people to invest in greater Dundalk neighborhoods and quality of life.” Lisa wants to help individuals and families purchase homes and stay in them.  “I love the feeling of helping individuals and families [...]

New Team Member: Lisa Wright, Housing Counselor2022-09-01T16:08:16-04:00
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