Start Up at The Forge

Start Up at The Forge2018-10-23T16:11:39+00:00

Got a fledgling business? We’ll get you out of the basement or off the kitchen table.

The what, where, why of The Forge

The Forge amenities and rates

The Forge is new!  Located in our building at 11 Center Place Floor 1 in Historic Dundalk Town Center, The Forge offers business space and amenities at below-market rates without a long-term commitment. Arrange for retail space, your own work cubicle, or even a drop-in daily flex plan and make your small business real.

Floor 2 offers a 264 sq. ft. private office, enough space for up to 3 employees. This new space comes with a list of amenities and the use of a conference room.

At The Forge, you’ll have the ability to work and to meet with customers in a professional setting, with the use of kitchen, bathrooms, conference area, and a printer/copier/fax machine. Training/workshop space is also available. Call Chris at 410-282-261 X4 or email to learn more.