We Believe Dundalk’s Best Days Lie Ahead

Be the change you want to see in Dundalk by joining the 21222 Giving Society.

Did you know our financial and housing counselor clients gain an average of 20 points on their credit score once they are coached through our programs and classes?

Many gain more than that. They lower their debt and increase their savings – setting them up for success as current and future neighbors, homeowners and small business customers or owners.

Let’s come together and support our neighbors: Join the 21222 Giving Society and support the Dundalk community when you donate $18.50 a month or $222 a year. You’ll receive a 21222 magnet and matching tote bag, plus sneak-peeks into our work throughout the year. 



Help support the next generation by making a bequest to Dundalk Renaissance.  Honoring Dundalk with a bequest from your estate is an honorable way to build your legacy while sustaining and strengthening the community for years to come. Show your commitment to Dundalk’s future by filling out our
Declaration of Support.

A bequest is a gift from your estate—you can make a bequest in support of our Dundalk community via Dundalk Renaissance by:  

  1. including language in your will 
  1. designating Dundalk Renaissance as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy 

Some of the advantages of creating a bequest include: 

  • A bequest costs nothing now, yet gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have provided for our community in the future 
  • You retain control of and use of your assets during your lifetime 
  • You may modify your bequest if your circumstances change 
  • Gifts to Dundalk Renaissance from your estate are exempt from federal estate taxes   


bequest to Dundalk Renaissance can be made for a specific amount, for a percentage of your estate, or for all or a portion of what is left after you have made bequests to your family. To make a gift from your estate, you must sign a new will or living trust instrument, add a codicil to your present will, or make an amendment to your present trust instrument. 

Alternatively, you can designate Dundalk Renaissance as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy. To do so, contact the retirement plan administrator or life insurance company and complete the appropriate beneficiary designation form.  


If you have included Dundalk Renaissance in your estate plans, please let us know! We would like to thank you for your generosity, understand your vision for Dundalk, and recognize you as a member of the Sustaining Dundalk Society.  


Dundalk Renaissance would be honored to speak with you about your wishes and plans. Please note: those considering a planned gift should consult and retain their own legal and tax advisors.  Contact: Amanda Mummert, Part-Time Development Manager: | 410.282.0261


Our official name is Dundalk Renaissance Corporation 

Our federal tax I.D. number is 52-2306483. 

Dundalk Renaissance is a non-profit, 501 c-3 organization. Contributions are tax-deductible. A copy of the current financial statement of Dundalk Renaissance Corporation is available by contacting us at 11 Center Place, Dundalk, MD 21222 or calling 410 282-0261. Documents and information submitted under the Maryland Solicitations Act are also available, for the cost of postage and copies, from the Maryland Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis, MD 21401 410.974.5534.

On February 11, 2018, Kathleen, or Cathy to her friends, passed away. Soon after, Dundalk Renaissance received news that Kathleen left a generous gift from her estate to our support our mission. 

This gift has changed the way in which we operate. We are fortunate to receive grants to spend on businesses and homeowners from the government. Those funders require Dundalk Renaissance to front the costs of renovations to contractors, for example, so without unrestricted “nest egg” dollars, we cannot help our Dundalk neighbors in need. Kathleen’s generous bequest has allowed us to keep our programs moving forward and allowed us to keep helping our neighbors.

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