2021 Milestone Award Ceremony

Thursday, April 8 | 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Virtual Event

This year we are waiving the cost of attending our Milestone Award Ceremony.  Feel free to share our sign up information with family and friends and help us celebrate our honorees.

Virtual Auction

Help us continue the work we do and get something for yourself when you bid.  All proceeds from the auction go right back into Dundalk Renaissance’s programmatic work, helping neighbors and families thrive in a better Dundalk!

2021 Cornerstone Award Winners

The Dundalk Renaissance Cornerstone Award is presented by Dundalk Renaissance to a business, community organization or non-profit helping to foster Dundalk’s healthy and vibrant future.

Community Assistance Network Logo

Community Assistance Network

CAN has serviced households all over the county with resources, housing, and their food pantry—located right here in Dundalk.  CAN has been working tirelessly to connect clients with resources and food and housing for over 50 years, 36 of those years were spent headquartered in Dundalk.  Pandemic related layoffs put many families at risk for food insecurity and in need of eviction prevention services.  CAN was able to adapt to the needs of the pandemic focusing on creating stability for families in uncertain times.  

Between March 9 and December 31, 2020, CAN provided food assistance and resources to 6,000 households.  Their food distribution during this period was enough for 400,000 meals. 

“The pandemic has amplified issues of food insecurity and housing insecurity across Baltimore County and in Dundalk, and we are so grateful for the work of the Community Assistance Network in stepping up to meet these increased needs during a time of crisis for so many of our most vulnerable residents.” Dr. Menzer said. 

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood raised over $500,000 for local bars and restaurants struggling to stay open and pay staff as a result of COVID 19. Jimmy’s Famous Seafood has a long history of giving back to the community including donating food to places like, Soup for the Soul.  Jimmy’s Famous Seafood routinely uses their connections and fan base to help a good cause well before COVID changed our lives.

“The pandemic has threatened the livelihoods of many small independent businesses including restaurants that employ and are patronized by so many in our community. We are deeply grateful for the efforts of Jimmy’s Seafood to help these small businesses endure.” Dr. Menzer said. 

Jimmy's Famous Seafood Logo

2021 Milestone Award Winners

The Dundalk Renaissance Milestone Awards are presented by Dundalk Renaissance to community and non-profit leaders for their roles in nurturing Dundalk’s healthy and vibrant future.

Soup for the Soul

Soup for the Soul is one of our Milestone honorees for 39 years of service and dedication feeding and clothing those in need within the Dundalk community, especially throughout the pandemic when so many more members of our community were facing food insecurity as a result of lost wages and jobs.  

Joanna’s Cafe

 Joanna’s Café owner, Lindsay Banfill, was able to ramp up her existing carry out and delivery services to keep the community well caffeinated during difficult times, as well as host a toy drive at her restaurant through a local Krampus organization and provided families in need with groceries by offering customers the option to pay it forward by donating money to help offset the cost of groceries.   

Pink Walnut Body Care Bistro

Pink Walnut Body Care Bistro owner, Najma Jamaludeen, quickly became a member of the Historic Dundalk Town Center community, eagerly coming to HDTC events, offering ideas and insights to better help the HDTC highlight the community’s assets.

Seiko Dixon

Seiko Dixon routinely volunteers her time her time and talent to help those in need, including the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Turner Station.

Kalei Files

Edwina Perez

Serenity Hamiel
Patapsco High School

Paris Willett
Patapsco High School


Our Milestone Award Ceremony honors individuals, groups, organizations, and students who are working to make Dundalk a better place.  We’ll be announcing our 2021 Gemstone, Milestone and Cornerstone winners soon!


If you’re interested in sponsoring our 2021 Milestone Award Ceremony and help support the work we do, check out our 2021 Milestone Award Ceremony sponsorship options or reach out to Nick Staigerwald (410.282.0261 ext 103 or Nick@DundalkUSA.org).

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