From Part Time Administrative Assistant to Deputy Director, Tasha Gresham-James celebrates 7 years with Dundalk Renaissance.

Tasha Gresham-James started with us part time in July of 2014 as a part time administrative assistant while her two young kids were in school.  She was looking for something simple after her time working in the mayor’s office in Baltimore City under Sheila Dixon and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  While working in the mayor’s office, Tasha saw how the City utilized their CDCs as a way to help build stronger communities and wanted to see first hand how Baltimore County could do the same. 

She quickly proved herself to be irreplaceable. Her warmth and steady demeanor in the face of crises (undoubtedly was a strength when she served in the mayor’s office in Baltimore City under Sheila Dixon and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake) was a skill that we’ve benefited from.  

In 2016 Tasha joined Dundalk Renaissance full time as our Housing Initiatives Manager.  Tasha says, “I enjoy working at Dundalk Renaissance. We impact our community in so many ways and reach so many people. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the growth in Dundalk!”  Tasha’s strategic insights and passion for residents has helped Dundalk Renaissance expand and implement new housing programs throughout the years.   

She believed in Dundalk so much that she convinced her husband to buy into the area.  It wasn’t a hard sell.  After looking at new construction homes in White Marsh that were selling for $100,000 more than identical homes in Dundalk, the Gresham-James family decided to call Dundalk home.  In addition to more affordable housing, wonderful neighbors, an expansive sense of community Dundalk was also closer to work for Tasha’s husband. The move was a no brainer.  Tasha, her husband and three children have been proud Dundalk Residents since 2017.

Since 2016 Tasha has overseen the distribution of over 100 home buyer grants, helped over 60+ senior neighbors age-in-place through the Senior Home Repair program, and helped attract over $16 million Dundalk through staff advocacy and relationship-building.    “I am really proud of the housing work we do; I am especially proud of  the Senior Home Repair and becoming a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Housing Counseling Agency because both have far reaching  affects for our community,” Tasha said. In recognition of the key role she plays in our organization and its management and future direction, Tasha was promoted to Deputy Director in January 2021.  This July she celebrates her seven-year work anniversary.

“It has been a pleasure to work alongside Tasha and plan for how we can best serve the community’s needs and make the most impact for Dundalk. I really appreciate her perspective, her open heart and her can-do attitude” said executive director Amy Menzer.  

Dundalk Renaissance is a non-profit community development corporation founded in 2001 to mobilize stakeholders to invest in greater Dundalk’s neighborhoods, economy and quality of life. Dundalk Renaissance’s community revitalization strategy includes grants and loans to support current homeowners to reinvest and age in place, restoring and maintaining quality affordable rental housing, supporting new and existing businesses in the Historic Dundalk Town Center, renovating homes for sale to new buyers, and offering purchase incentive grants to attract the next generation. Funding, marketing, outreach, stakeholders and commercial growth in the community are working together to make Dundalk a logical choice to live, work and invest.