Alyson Marshal enrolled in Sollers Point Technical High School’s Pastry Arts program because of her love of baking spurred by quality time baking with her godmother as a young child. “Once I got into my program I saw how much work it is to do catering orders, create menus, plan, or budget. I loved doing catering once I saw the big picture how all the hard work paid off,” Marshall said.

Marshall donated her time and talents, along with her classmates, to bake dozens of cookies for Dundalk Renaissance’s Holiday Hoopla. Our staff was immediately impressed by the work put into every single cookie.

Marshall spent her time in high school going back and forth between Sollers Point and Dundalk High School in order to meet all her requirements for graduation. On top of a normal course load she also assisted the culinary arts program by helping teachers create menus, prepare food for special school events and sell desserts on behalf of CTE–all proceeds of which are donated back to the organization. Marshall has yet to profit off her immense talent, preferring to donate her time and talent to benefit her school.

Volunteering her skillset comes naturally to Marshall. By the time she was in 7th grade she completed her volunteer hour requirement for graduation by assisting elementary guidance counselors with administrative work and assisting gym teachers in class. An avid soccer player, Marshall can be found on the field coaching younger kids. To date she’s coached kids ranging in age from toddlers to middle schoolers.  Marshall has fundraised on behalf of the National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Sollers Point Technical High School, Overlea Recreational Center, Evolution Soccer, and Dundalk Class of 2020. She is also the recipient of the Unsung Heroes award for Girls Varsity Soccer and Girls Varsity Lacrosse.