What started as a kitchen table business grew into a brick and mortar store in historic Dundalk’s Town Center for Anthony Makres.  After two years selling taffy, fudge, and jerky at local craft fairs and events, the demand was growing. Makres didn’t have the space to fill orders from his home.  “I couldn’t do it from home anymore.  I decided I needed a small store,” Makres said.  “I am excited to have my own business.”

A week before Christmas Makres was able to open his own store: Dude’s Snack Attack And More.   At first there were only three shelves, but soon three shelves became five, and the store continued to grow.  Makres stocks his store not only with his signature jerky, saltwater taffy, and fudge that first led him to becoming a small business owner, but also with 40 flavors of Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans, cotton candy and candies from all over the world!  “I had a lot of room to expand and I blossomed into candy—now I’m called a candy store.” But Makres store also sells Cutco knives, essential oils, lip balm, and more; that’s where the “and more” on his store front comes from.

Makres is a Dundalk native and will proudly tell anyone he is born and raised here.  “I didn’t want to go anywhere else to do this.  Plus, I live here so it’s close to home.”  Makres lives only a few minutes away from the store, which makes for a quick commute.

Visit Dude’s Snack Attack and More at 75 Shipping Place, Dundalk Maryland and keep an eye out for Dude’s Snack Attack and More takeover on Dundalk Rennaisance’s Facebook and Instagram pages on Wednesday, September 4th.