All roads lead to Dundalk. And from here, to just about everywhere.

Dundalk’s main roads connect to the City of Baltimore, Eastern Avenue, I-695, I-95, over the bridges and into the tunnels you need in short order:

  • Canton Target – 10 minutes
  • Camden Yards – 15 minutes
  • Port of Baltimore – 7 minutes
  • Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center – 7 minutes
  • BWI Airport – 21 minutes
  • Towson Center – 23 minutes
  • Annapolis – 37 minutes

MTA bus routes 4, 10 and 31 serve Dundalk and a variety of destinations, including CCBC Dundalk and Essex, as well as downtown Baltimore. LocalLink 62, 63 (from Johns Hopkins Bayview to Tradepoint Atlantic) and 65 have been added, and CityLink Navy connects Dundalk to several city locations. Check out MTA Schedules, and leave the car in that parking spot you don’t have in the city.

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Parks & Play

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  • Ateaze Senior Center

    Address: 7401 Holabird Avenue

    Full-service senior center with a variety of activities, park with 4.6 acres, picnic area, playground, multipurpose courts.

  • Avara’s Academy of Hair Design

    Address: 16 N. Dundalk Avenue

    Get your haircut or styled, get a classic straight razor shave, for a great price from friendly students and award-winning instructors at this Dundalk institution. Check out their wall of fame for some great history.

  • Battle Acre Park

    Address: 3115 North Point Road

    Battle Acre Park is a 1-acre site dedicated in 1839 to commemorate those who fought in the Battle of North Point on September 12, 1814. Regiments of the Maryland militia engaged in battles with the British Army at the same time Fort McHenry was defending the Baltimore Harbor from the the British Navy. The success of the Maryland militia forced the British to withdraw from the Chesapeake Region for the remainder of the War of 1812.

  • Bear Creek

    Address: Bear Creek

    There’s a distinct flavor to Bear Creek. The waterway defines Dundalk, and sets it apart from not just local neighborhoods, but from other communities, in general. You won’t find the utilitarian row homes evident elsewhere in Dundalk, because the dwellings there never have been about answering the call of industry, but about the appeal of transport and recreation. Marinas abound, and where front doors lead to the street, and back doors almost always lead to the creek.

  • Bear Creek Park

    Address: Park Haven and Creek Roads

    17 acres, waterfront, fishing, ball diamond, playground

  • Berkshire

    Address: Berkshire

    Berkshire is a tight-knit community of mostly brick row homes, and residents show their pride with a variety of adornments on front porches and in their front yards. The neighborhood has plenty to offer in starter homes, but many residents have remained gladly after seeing the advantages of access to shopping, major routes and a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Carnegie

    Address: Carnegie

    While Carnegie Plat occupies only a small piece of land south of the Dundalk Marine Terminal, it carries more than its weight in historical significance to Dundalk. A long-established community, it was home to the famous Old Mill Tavern and other attractions. Carnegie is an enclave of established neighbors who take real pride in their community.

  • Charlesmont

    Address: Charlesmont

    Charlesmont, just off Bear Creek, offers a sense of community that allows residents to belong. Generations of homeowners live in the area, while several apartment complexes offer clean and affordable living. The area hosts what might be considered starter home the neighborhood has plenty to offer in starter homes, although many residents have gladly spent their entire lives in Charlesmont.

  • Chesterwood

    Address: Chesterwood

    Chesterwood, like most of Patapsco Neck, is influenced by two histories; the one of its residents and the one of its industry. As a finger of North Point Peninsula, it is surrounded for most of its length by the waters of Lynch Cove and Bear Creek and offers great settings and a variety of diversions to both longtime and newer residents.

  • Chesterwood Park

    Address: 200 Chesterwood Road

    20.3 acres, waterfront, pavilions, picnic area, playground with swings, fishing, trails, sand volleyball pit

  • Cimaglia Park

    Address: Pine and Oak Avenues

    40 acres, half-courts for basketball, ball fields, community garden

  • Colgate

    Address: Colgate

    Colgate lies on the outskirts of Dundalk north of Eastern Avenue, buffering Dundalk from both Essex and Rosedale. Row homes run throughout the neighborhood and feature established homeowners and rental properties. With I-95 directly to the west and the Baltimore Beltway to the east, access to the entire Baltimore metro area is just a short distance away.

  • Colgate Park

    Address: 7701 E Baltimore St

    6.9 acres, pavilions, picnic area, playground, tennis courts, ball fields, restrooms, multipurpose court

  • Dun-Logan

    Address: 6903 Mornington Road

    Dun-Logan was the epicenter of early- to mid-twentieth century aviation in Baltimore, an important part of the military complex that included aspects of air, land and sea. Today, the thriving community maintains an historical reverence and a family friendly tradition that attract a variety of homeowners to neat row homes and attractive single units.

  • Dundalk Community Center

    Address: Trading Pl and Dunmanway Rd

    Basketball courts, youth programs, weight room, Y Aquatic Center, computer lab, meeting rooms

  • Dundalk Farms

    Address: Dundalk Farms

    Dundalk Farms was Dundalk’s first successfully planned community that has grown in value over the years. Quiet lanes are populated by single, tasteful homes buffered from major thoroughfares, yet only moments from Dundalk’s major retail offerings, churches, modern schools, the library, ball fields, fire and police stations, and even a union hall.

  • Dundalk Renaissance Corporation

    Address: 11 Center Pl

    Nonprofit community development corporation mobilizing stakholders to invest in greater Dundalk's neighborhoods, economy, and quality of life; business incubator and meeting space

  • Easfield

    Address: Eastfield

    Eastfield provides a huge presence of stability in Dundalk, and represents itself with a strong civic presence and plenty of recreational programs. Inhabitants are generally middle-class homeowners who know their neighbors and take great pride in their area.

  • Eastwood

    Address: Eastwood

    Eastwood is equal parts city and county, straddling the border of the two jurisdictions just east of I-95 north of Eastern Avenue. As it is in the adjacent Harborview neighborhood, observers can look to the west and see much of Baltimore City skyline, including Canton and Highlandtown. A wide variety of generally blue-collar residents live in the row homes that make up much of this self-sufficient and civic-minded community.

  • Edgepoint-Oakleigh Beach

    Address: Edgepoint-Oakleigh Beach

    Edgepoint-Oakleigh Beach “I’ve been here over 40 years, and with any luck, I’ll be here 40 more. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t wake up every morning and look out on Bear Creek.” What’s Great About Edgepoint-Oakleigh Beach Offers access to some to the best waterways in the county A leisurely community of hard-working people Sparrows Point Country Club Minutes from the Baltimore Beltway and the FSK Bridge Boundaries North Point Village (north) Wise Avenue (south) North Point Blvd.  (east) Oakleigh Cove (west)   Overview Like its neighboring community, Bear Creek – just across the tributary of the Read more [...]

  • Fort Howard Park

    Address: 9500 North Point Rd

    92.6 acres, waterfront, pavilions, picnic areas, shaded playground with water views, fishing, pier, restrooms, trails, historic site, location for annual Defenders Day Celebration and Reenactments

  • Graceland Park-Norwood-Holabird

    Address: 6730 Holabird Ave

    Norwood, Holabird and adjacent Graceland Park are long-established residential areas close to the Baltimore City line known for their tree-lined streets and numerous well-maintained ball fields. Life is low-key in Norwood and provides a stable setting for families including longtime residents and a newer vibrant immigrant population.

  • Gray Haven

    Address: Gray Haven

    Gray Haven and Gray Manor are closely linked in history and culture, and the strong values of its residents are apparent in its neatly kept streets and properties, and reflected by the strong presence of the Gray-Charles Rec Council and its many houses of worship. General John Stricker Middle School and Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts provide plenty of open space and ball fields, while the neighborhood’s perimeter offer access to all types of retail and services.

  • Gray Manor

    Address: Gray Manor

    Gray Manor and Gray Haven are closely linked in history and culture, and the strong values of its residents are apparent in its neatly kept streets and properties, and reflected by the strong presence of the Gray-Charles Rec Council and its many houses of worship. General John Stricker Middle School and Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts provide plenty of open space and ball fields, while the neighborhood’s perimeter offer access to all types of retail and services.

  • Harborview

    Address: Harborview

    Harborview is as good as its name. From most of the streets in this neighborhood resting on the western side of German Hill, residents can see portions of the harbor, and as far as Canton and the skyscrapers of Baltimore City. The quiet elevations of Harborview are home to a wide variety of generally blue-collar residents that includes longtime homeowners and a newer vibrant immigrant population.

  • Heritage Park

    Address: Center Place and Trading Place

    Festivals, concerts, pavilion.  Site of Dundalk's annual 3-day Heritage Fair around end of June-July 4th with live music, carnival rides, beer garden, petting zoo, food and craft vendors, and more. A great strolling park for walking the dog or the baby, picnics.  Immediately adjacent to two playgrounds at Dundalk Elementary School and the Y Aquatic Center in the Dundalk Community Center building.

  • Inverness

    Address: Inverness

    Brick row houses comprise most of the neighborhood, offering alleyways and off-street parking. There is also a gated apartment community, and The Village at Bear Creek, currently in construction phase, offers waterfront townhomes, surrounded by permanent open space, boat slips, protected entry, and professional site management.

  • JL Income Tax

    Address: 8 N. Dundalk Avenue

    Provides electronic tax filing for individuals and corporations, as well as professional bookkeeping services.

  • Merritt Point Park

    Address: 7800 Dunmanway

    36.3 acres, waterfront, pavilions, picnic area, 2 shaded playgrounds, swings for little kids, ball fields, fishing, boat ramps, multipurpose courts

  • North Point

    Address: North Point

    North Point is a combination of old and new, of leisure and industry. It is home to large scale and attractive modern housing development that has attracted huge amounts of new settlement on North Point Peninsula, while giving many established residents further options in quality living. Established shore homes populate the banks of Back River a provide wide vistas including much of Essex, while further north on North Point Blvd. it becomes less residential and more commercial.

  • North Point State Park

    Address: 8400 North Point Road

    $4/car admission 1,310 acres, waterfront including sandy beaches, pier, pavilion, bike and hiking trails, fishing, wild lands, picnic areas, historic sites

  • North Point Village

    Address: North Point Village

    Aside from its access to water and other obvious appeal, North Point Village has an endearing personality sure to attract potential residents. The alleys behind the neat brick row homes of North Point Village say as much about the community as its well-kept streets. Most back yards have some type of watercraft or RV, real evidence of the access to waterways, nearby park land, and other recreation. Many of the tidy streets feature grass medians planted with trees and shrubs by homeowners, and the general rule is that its residential streets are named for saints, as in St. Augustine Lane, St. Monica Drive, St. Boniface, St. Claire, St. Bridget, St. Gregory and St. Gregory. However, the main routes – both Old and New Battle Grove Roads – pay homage to the colorful history of the area. NPV residents have enduring pride in being “villagers” and identify themselves as such, usually referencing their involvement in sports, civic groups and politics.

  • Northshire

    Address: Northshire

    Northshire sits in the northern are of Dundalk in southeastern Baltimore County, and with its partnering community of Gray Manor represents approximately 3000 citizens in 1200 homes. The community is well-defined by both its surrounding thoroughfares and the layout of the bungalow-lined streets. Residents take great pride in the neighborhood, and take great advantage of adjacent shopping and major routes.

  • Old Dundalk

    Address: 10 Dunmanway

    Neighbors are friendly in this National Register Historic District. Many have strong roots in the area, with homes passing from one generation to the next. Young people are discovering the neighborhood, drawn by the small-town feel and the way that history enhances the area. Newcomers are welcome and quickly build a sense of belonging and connection with their neighbors. Stroll to the town center to the informal cafes, or stop in at the post office. Walk your dog through Heritage or Veterans Parks on your way to the Farmer’s Market. Your kids can easily walk to Dundalk Elementary and Dundalk Middle Schools. Old Dundalk is host to many community festivals and events, including Dundalk’s 4th of July Parade and Heritage Fair, the Family Fall Festival, the Christmas Parade, Holiday Hoopla and Cookie Tour, the Dundalk Art Show, and the Summer Concerts in the Park series.

  • Peach Orchard Park

    Address: Dundalk Avenue and Peach Orchard Road

    Waterfront vistas, shaded areas for walking and picnics

  • Safa’s Pizza

    Address: 38 N Dundalk Ave

    Freshly made pizza, subs, wings, and salads that are delivered fast with great customer service!

  • Saint Helena Park

    Address: 201 Maple Ave

    16 acres, dog park, shaded playground with swings (one of the nicest in Southeast Baltimore), ball fields, picnic area, restrooms

  • Scoops Cafe

    Address: 63 Shipping Pl

    Enjoy a variety of breakfast platters, deli sandwiches, and coffee and follow up those tasty delights with Hershey’s ice cream and milkshakes!

  • St Helena

    Address: St. Helena

    St. Helena has been part of the steel manufacturing story since its very early days. It began to change from a farm area to an urban community as early as 1882, the year the first railroad was built after Sparrows Point had been purchased by the Maryland Steel Company. As that industry grew, homes for workers were erected, and much of St. Helena’s housing was constructed for bachelor boarders, who ate in commissaries; many original homes had no kitchens! Renovations to add kitchens were finished before housing in other parts of Dundalk were even built. Today, St. Helena has eclectic mix of housing that includes wood frame, concrete, brick and Formstone. Most date from the early 1900s through the 1940s, although there are some newer homes to be found. The neighborhood is partly within the city of Baltimore but most is in Baltimore County, surrounded on three sides by industry, and has a secluded, insulated feel. Lots of residents grew up in St. Helena and have family here, Read more [...]

  • Stanbrook

    Address: Stanbrook

    Stanbrook provides a huge presence of stability in Dundalk, and represents itself with a strong civic presence and plenty of recreational programs. Inhabitants are generally middle-class homeowners who know their neighbors and take great pride in their area.

  • Stansbury Park

    Address: 7800 Stansbury Road

    28.3 acres, waterfront, 2 playgrounds, ball fields, large scenic pond with fishing pier, restrooms, walking trails with views of lynch cove, community gardens Fishing pier and lake also featured in the image at the top of this page.

  • Turner Station

    Address: Turner Station

    Turner Station is a venerable African American community dating back to 1888, and residents are committed to preserving its historic foundation while also supporting current cultural and recreational assets. Fleming Recreation Center, a division of the Department of Aging, is a 17,000-sq.-ft. that houses a senior center, several facilities for recreation and a Head Start program. The new 28,000-sq.-ft. Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center offers residents an auditorium, gym, classrooms, a 300-person banquet room, full-service county library, and provides space for civic and church groups as well as area youths and seniors. It also houses the Turner Station Historical Center, which features exhibits that showcase the diversity of the community. The population of Turner Station is approximately 3,000, the predominant land use is residential with small pockets of commercial zoning, and the land owned by BGE is utilized by residents as a community gardening program. The community is Read more [...]

  • Veterans Park

    Address: Dundalk Avenue and Center Place

    Pavilion, shaded grassy area for events, urban strolling, Dundalk-Patapsco Neck Historical Society and Museum; in the heart of the Historic Dundalk Town Center commercial area