If you live in the Dundalk community, it’s safe to say you’ve directly benefited from Will Feuer’s community work. Feuer was Board President at Dundalk Renaissance for 3 years. In his time here, Feuer led the Dundalk Renaissance with integrity but that’s not the only reason he is one of our Milestone Winners.  Feuer sits on multiple boards including Dundalk High School PTA, Dundalk Optimist Club, and the Eastern Regional Lions Club.

He steps in when folks need help.

“A colleague was complaining about the mandatory volunteer hours he needed to do at his kid’s school. He at least was doing something, even if it was forced.  I realized that I needed to get involved. His negativity inspired my positivity,” Will Feuer said.

Feuer’s involvement in numerous community organizations stems from his pride in Dundalk.  He is a lifelong Dundalk resident who wants to share his sense of pride with community.  “Dundalk is a very proud and supportive community.  There are many people and groups doing good things.  We just have to let people know what is going on.” In order to help get the word out Feuer put together a community calendar of all the events, celebrations and programming happening in Dundalk this year.

“I have worked with Will Feuer for several years now in a variety of different organizations, including the Eastern Regional Lions Club, Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River and Essex Day Festival Committee Board of Directors. Will is one of the most dedicated volunteers I have ever met — always willing to give of his time and talents to better serve our community,” Lisa Harlow, who met Feuer while on the Essex Day Festival Board of Directors, said.  “One of his biggest accomplishments is starting the Essex Day Festival parade last year. It was the very first parade in the event’s 44-year history, and Will hit a home run with all the local politicians, marching bands, antique cars and, probably the highlight, a pickle mascot dancing on top of a Jeep.

Feuer wants everyone to get involved.  “We need more members and fresh ideas! There are many ways to give back to your community. I feel it is something that is very important.  It’s something we all can all do in our own way.”   Some of the ways Feuer does this is through his work the Eastern Regional Lions Club and Dundalk Optimist Club by donating school supplies, canned food and other donated goods to families in need.

Below you will find a list of some of the many other organizations Feuer volunteers with:

Dundalk Heritage Independence Day Parade
Local Advisory Board, Selective Service System
Holabird Middle School PTA
Community Liaison, Maryland Delegate Ric Metzgar
Dundalk Patapsco Neck Historical Society
Sons of the American Legion Post 38
Police Community Relations Council Precinct 12
Southeast Area Education Advisory Council
Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer
Baltimore County Board of Elections