This year, Dundalk Renaissance is offering $10,000 Home Buyer Grants; free financial fitness, tenant and landlord rights and foreclosure workshops; business development counseling and free state and federal tax intake to qualifying households.

Home Buyer Grants and Classes

Ten $10,000 home buyer grants will be available to future Dundalk home owners starting January 1, 2023.  The five year-forgivable loan is a continuation of our existing Dundalk-wide home buyer grant program and is funded the Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative. 

“With the increasing interest rate and home sale prices, the need to increase our home buyer grant was obvious,” Tasha Gresham James, executive director, said.  “This will give our buyers a better chance in this competitive market.  It will also give them more money towards their home purchase in Dundalk.”

Prospective grantees must complete their home buyer education course, attend counseling with our housing and financial counselor and meet income requirements that target 80-120% of the area median income.  Income will be determined based on the entire household. Households under contract for a home are not eligible for our grant. Grantees do not need to be first time home buyers to access this grant. 

More information about our home buyer grant, the process and income requirements at If you have questions about the grant or homeownership process, contact Sonya Dease ( | 410.282.0261 ext 107).

New Dundalk Renaissance Workshops

We’re offering several new workshop series meant to help individuals and households at every step of their housing journey.  Our financial fitness workshop starts with the basic building blocks of financial literacy—including budgeting and what makes up a credit score. 

This is a great workshop for anyone who has big financial goals, like buying a home or saving for retirement, to receive personalized attention and ask any questions they may have. This workshop is offered quarterly.  Workshops are scheduled for: February 7, May 2, June 6 and November 7.

Tenant and Landlord Rights workshops are part of a new initiative to help renters and landlords better understand their role and obligations during this phase of a household’s housing journey.  The workshop will cover renters and landlords’ application process, review of lease obligations, fair housing rights, and review of eviction process.  As a part of this wonderful series, we will also discuss local resources that can assist participants when challenges occur. Workshops are scheduled for:  March 14, March 17, June 23, June 23, September 12 and September 22. If you have questions about this workshop series, contact Lisa Wright ( | 410.282.0261 ext 113).

“I am looking forward to what our Landlord Rights and Tenant Rights workshop can teach people at every step of the rental process,” Lisa Wright, our housing counselor who will be teaching these workshops said. “It is important for both landlords and tenants to understand fair housing laws and tenant rights. These much-needed workshops will cover both topics in detail along with other topics like maintenance, damages and more.”  

Our Foreclosure Prevention workshop seeks to help homeowners who are experiencing financial difficulties and may be facing foreclosure in the immediate future.  This workshop can best be utilized by households who have missed one or fewer payments on their mortgage and are interested in understanding the foreclosure process. We will also cover homeowners’ rights and responsibilities prior to a missed payment and once in foreclosure. Our housing and financial counselor will help participants identify potential assistance programs. Workshops are scheduled for: June 15, September 15, October 19 and December 15.  

We are offering Home Equity Conversion Mortgage/Reverse Mortgage counseling for homeowners 62 years of age and older with a thorough understanding of the process. This workshop will cover the financial and tax implications, payment options, associated costs, and beneficiary responsibilities. Our housing and financial counselor will also have joint presentations with local lenders to assist with interested individuals. The upcoming workshops are scheduled for: July 29, September 29 and November 16.

If you have questions about our Foreclosure Prevention Workshop series or our Home Equity Conversion Mortgage/Reverse Mortgage counseling, contact Sonya Dease ( | 410.282.0261 ext 107). 

Thanks to new hire, Program Manager Valerie Rivera-Maldonado, all classes and workshops and counseling sessions are offered in English and Spanish.  In order to ensure availability, Spanish speakers should contact Dundalk Renaissance (410.282.0261 ext 115 | in advance to make arrangements.    

We’re Helping to Grow Small Businesses

This year we are launching a business development counseling pilot program which will aid 10 small business owners who live in Dundalk or plan to open in Dundalk create a business plan, build out their branding and digital media presence, establish business banking, ensure both their business and personal finances are solvent, as well as identify potential grant funding and low interest loans. To be considered for this program, contact or call 410.282.0261 ext 103.

“Running a business of your own is a dream for many people,” Nick Staigerwald, business development manager, said. “The process of starting and continuing to operate a business can feel like crossing an ocean with no map. Our staff will help you find your way through the web of permits, licenses and laws a business owner must wrangle and avoid the many hidden obstructions out there. Our hope is that program will help anyone who owns and operates a business or is hoping to open.”

File Your Taxes for Free

Beginning February 6, we will offer free federal and state tax filing to individuals and households who’ve earned less than $60,000 in 2022 through CASH CAMPAIGN. Tax filing is by appointment only. More information about this program on our site.