Potluck Collaborative was founded in 2020 by sisters Jessica and Valerie Kessler.  Potluck Collaborative sells a variety of handmade items including earrings, scarves, keychains, and DIY craft kits in a range of prices for a variety of ages. When they’re not at Potluck Collaborative the sisters are heavily engaged with their Girl Scout Troops—which is where they got the idea for Potluck Collaborative. 

COVID 19 changed the way the Kesslers engaged with their Girl Scout Troop.  Valerie spent countless hours on Zoom with her Scouts making crafts with common everyday items, only to learn that the girls didn’t have access to what Valerie believed were every day arts and craft supplies.  Soon Valerie was distributing DIY kits to her troop with everything they’d need for an art project.   

“This really planted the seed of being able to combine our knowledge and expand what we do from Girl Scouts to the entire community,” Valerie Kessler said.

The Kesslers are life-long St. Helena residents who discovered their love of crafting while in their own Girl Scout troop—the very one Jessica and Valerie are now leaders of.  The sisters became adult troop leaders and quickly realized the importance of teaching life skills through crafts.   

“Our hope is that kids and adults can learn an appreciation of doing things with your hands through our kits and classes…Whether people want a fun activity to enjoy or are looking to build skills, we want to share that love of making with everyone,” Valerie said. 

Potluck Collaborative is looking to begin coordinating local classes at established venues and would love to bring their skills and knowledge to engage more people in crafting. Their goal is to eventually have a studio to host classes and events.   “We can do a lot with a little. Even a small space can have room for a DIY bar. We will keep dreaming and crafting as the Dundalk Community helps us to grow,” Valerie said.   

If you’re interested in learning more about their classes text or call Valerie (443.564.2138) or email PotluckCollaborative@gmail.com. 

Stop by 11 Center Place, Dundalk Thursdays and Fridays between 10am and 6pm and Saturdays between 10am and 4pm for holiday gifts or a treat for yourself.  While you’re there, check out the DIY Christmas Ornament station!