Developer Partnerships

Developer Partnerships2018-11-12T17:39:49+00:00

Quality renovations that are still affordable – we do that without raising a hammer.

There was a time when we did 1 – 2 renovations a year, acting as the contractor, and over time we’ve done 17 projects. Now, we do 8 – 9 per year.

Our Market Boost Program is a partnership with small developers who do quality work. We contribute funds to the project, require a $3K – $5K seller contribution to the home buyer, and the result is another well-done renovation. Over time, 28 homes have been renovated and sold with Market Boost funds.

In 2019, Market Boost projects will be funded in our FOCUS Neighborhoods – Old Dundalk, Dun-Logan, St. Helena, Turner Station and (in 2019) Graceland Park. We expect to have the details for Market Boost finalized in December 2018, and contractors interested in learning more may contact us at 410-282-0261 for more 2019 information.

Quality renovations, well-priced, with partners we assist with funding – another way we revitalize Dundalk.