Tasha Gresham-James started at Dundalk Renaissance as an administrative assistant nearly eight years ago. She moved on to become our housing initiatives manager and, eventually, our executive director. 

“One of my favorite parts of working at Dundalk Renaissance is our connection to the community and to people. Some days you don’t see how much we positively impact lives and other days you see how our help has changed someone’s life.” She said. 

She cites our Senior Home Repair, which she was instrumental in developing and implementing, as one of her top accomplishments.

“I am proud of our Senior Home Repair/BCAUSE programs have expanded our reach not just in Dundalk but beyond. These programs are assisting more people to live a better life; when we help repair a home of a senior resident, it allows them to live safer and longer in their own home,” Tasha said.  “It also stabilizes our neighborhoods and enhances housing options for future home buyers.”

Tasha is rewarded by the housing and financial counseling work at Dundalk Renaissance.  “We are making homeownership possible for someone who didn’t think so,” she said.  “We are helping clients become financially stable and create financial stability for their families and children. Showing our children better money management early on will lead to a better financial future for them.”

Tasha hopes to grow our housing and financial counseling work to include more youth and continue the positive impact planned by former Executive Director Amy Menzer. Part of that positive impact includes expanding our tax intake services and transitioning to a full volunteer income tax assistance (VITA) site through CASH Campaign to ensure that everyone in our area is able to file their taxes correctly.