Work: Communications Director, Port Discovery

I serve because: Dundalk is a great area with amazing people and potential. There are many great things that make me enjoy living in Dundalk, and I believe there are many great things ahead. Being part of DRC helps me shape the community that I now call home, and that I plan to build the rest of my life in. That’s an exciting and powerful opportunity.

How I got involved: I reached out to DRC while completing graduate studies at The Johns Hopkins University. I assisted DRC’s talented marketing staff on several projects as part of my coursework. I was quickly impressed by the work that DRC did and saw great value in their mission and efforts to improve Dundalk.

Skills and expertise: My skills and expertise are in the marketing and public relations field. I specialize in the development of communications plans and materials, management of complex communications campaigns, and media relations and outreach strategy. I also have expertise in social media, advertising, graphic design, and special events.