Work: Gordon Feinblatt, Litigation and Health Care

I serve because: Dundalk is the hidden gem of Baltimore County and I love that the DRC is helping to polish the places and communities here that I’ve really come to love. In particular the DRC is helping to inform potential new home owners, including my fellow millennials, about why Dundalk’s small town feel, affordable housing, parks and perfect location make it a great place to plant roots.

How I got involved: I started volunteering at various DRC community events in 2015. Since then I’ve planted trees, helped out at the housing fair and baked and distributed hundreds of cookies at Holiday Hoopla!

Other affiliations and activities: I’m a Member of the Maryland State Bar Association. I’m also President of the Board of Directors for the Baltimore Teacher Supply Swap. I’m a member of the 2017 Business Volunteers Maryland GIVE Class.

Skills and expertise: As a practicing Maryland attorney, I have experience advocating for clients, finding unique ways to resolve disputes, and being an active listener.

Other comments: I’m not a great runner but I like to run. Since I bought my house in Dundalk I’ve never missed the 4th of July 6K before the Dundalk 4th of July Parade!  I’m also thrilled to see new businesses coming in on my regular running route, like Key Brewing.