As a new Dundalk neighbor and community faith leader, I am so excited for all that Dundalk is doing to empower this community. I am particularly excited about the Dundalk Cares initiative and believe that deep conversation and relationship building at the personal and neighborhood level is truly what it takes to ripple out into a large impact on our systems and society as a whole. I am also very interested in learning more about the homeownership and financial counseling services available, I know that many members of my community in Colgate could be well served by those programs and the community as a whole would benefit from a growth in homeownership. Dundalk is such a beautifully diverse community, and that diversity of culture and language, and life experience can help Dundalk grow into a thriving and just community.

A colleague of mine was kind enough to introduce me to Amy when I had just arrived in Eastpoint. He was familiar with her community organizing from her time as a neighborhood association president in Baltimore City. I was grateful to connect with her soon after. As a new community faith leader, it has been invaluable to be plugged in to the work happening through Dundalk Renaissance. Some of the major issues that I’m beginning to learn about from my neighbors in Colgate are ones that Dundalk Renaissance has been on the forefront of addressing for many years. I was able to stop by the Maker’s Market this fall and see some of the great work the Housing Counselors are doing on behalf of the community. I can’t wait to become more involved and bring along some members of my community!

Favorite Place:

As a new Dundalk neighbor, I’d love to hear your recommendations! Hit me with your favorite restaurants, parks, and uniquely Dundalk experiences! I can’t wait to check it all out.

Specific skills to share:

I have experience working as a community organizer alongside immigrant communities in New York. I served as a court accompaniment leader with the New Sanctuary Coalition when I was living in NYC as a graduate student. I was also tasked with organizing among congregations who were looking to better support the immigrants in their communities. I speak Spanish fluently. I have worked in non-profits and faith communities in a variety of capacities for the past 6 years. I also served on the executive leadership board of the Student Senate of my graduate school and was primarily tasked with leading our community events programming. I am passionate about creating just, accessible and anti-racist community spaces!