Samantha Myers, Board Member


As the world continues to evolve, I am excited by Dundalk Renaissance's drive to meet the needs of the growing and changing community in the greater Dundalk area. There is a great opportunity to build on a strong foundation to attract others to the community. As we live in a time where there is significant division within our country, I hope Dundalk and the greater area can continue the great work of revitalization and are seen as a example of a community of residents who are engaged and inclusive with their neighbors from all different backgrounds. I am new to Dundalk [...]

Samantha Myers, Board Member2021-10-21T15:04:13-04:00

Alyssa Kaplan, Board Member


As a new Dundalk neighbor and community faith leader, I am so excited for all that Dundalk is doing to empower this community. I am particularly excited about the Dundalk Cares initiative and believe that deep conversation and relationship building at the personal and neighborhood level is truly what it takes to ripple out into a large impact on our systems and society as a whole. I am also very interested in learning more about the homeownership and financial counseling services available, I know that many members of my community in Colgate could be well served by those programs and the [...]

Alyssa Kaplan, Board Member2021-10-21T15:01:11-04:00

Danielle Alderson, Board Member


I am excited to bring positive attention and commerce to our community.  This community is rich in history, culture and values that need to be shared. Favorite Place: Of course my favorite place is Chick-fil-A but I also enjoy other local establishments! Other Affiliations: Board Member for the Education Foundation of BCPS Specific skills to share: A willingness to serve our amazing community

Danielle Alderson, Board Member2021-10-21T14:53:12-04:00

Najma Jamaludeen, Board Member


I am most excited about becoming a part of a team with the common goal to improve and help to propel the strengths of our community. As a female business owner and a family member with deep heritage in the area of Dundalk at large, I feel I bring commitment to success, also a diverse perspective that will enhance the vision and production of the organization. As a small business owner in Dundalk I first became involved with the DRC when I opened my brick-and-mortar. Since then we have organized, shared in education and benefitted from resources together. I have a [...]

Najma Jamaludeen, Board Member2021-10-21T15:16:05-04:00

William Barrios, Board Member


I'm excited to help improve the community for everyone! But especially the youth, as they are the future of Dundalk! I hope to contribute anyway I can. But specifically in organizing events, cleanups and general graphic/creative work! Since having our 1st Baby, I really enjoy the all the parks in Dundalk. I'd like to see more done to renovate and update the playgrounds. In the next 5 years I'd LOVE to see improvements in Dundalk's school system. Almost 7 years ago when we were first House Hunting before we were married. Then 2 years ago we actually purchased our 1st Home [...]

William Barrios, Board Member2021-10-21T14:53:30-04:00

Jazmine Richison, Board Member


The DRC has true potential to work with our elected officials and community members to make a difference in the lives of those who live in Dundalk. Dundalk is a place with beautiful nature, kind and compassionate people, and the real estate to have a thriving economy. I am excited to learn about policies that impact Dundalk, meet my fellow community members, and help keep our community clean. In 2019, I was awarded the Gemstone Award as part of the Dundalk Renaissance Milestone Awards. After that I volunteered during some of the organization's community engagement efforts. So far most of my [...]

Jazmine Richison, Board Member2020-09-16T10:39:27-04:00

Cortney Robertson, Secretary


I am the new kid on the block; however, I am very much looking forward to contributing to the overall vision of the DRC. I grew up in the community of Turner Station, so when the idea of creating a mentoring group for girls came to mind Turner Station was the first community that I wanted to support. In addition to steering IBIM Girls, I provide support to PHILANTHROPIK, a non-profit organization in Baltimore City which partners with organizations such as the Baltimore Chapter of the NAACP, The Greater Baltimore Urban League, Maryland Art Place, the Ronald McDonald House and the [...]

Cortney Robertson, Secretary2021-11-03T16:45:49-04:00

Lakeia Newkirk, Board Member


I am an accomplished nonprofit IT professional with two decades of experience working in nonprofits across Maryland, directing technology initiatives for public health education and analysis, spearheading the development of volunteer and membership programs, advocating for youth and families, and planning events and conferences. I have been awarded a certificate of service and appreciation from Governor Hogan, Former US Senator Barbara Mikulski, and Former Mayor Sheila Dixon. I earned a Master’s in public health from Kaplan University and Bachelors in Elementary Education & Psychology from Coppin State University one of Maryland’s four HBCUs.   I am particularly skilled in my ability to [...]

Lakeia Newkirk, Board Member2020-09-12T23:47:55-04:00

Cory D. Edwards, Vice President


I believe in the potential of our community.  Being a lifelong Dundalk resident, I love the people of this town and I believe Dundalk provides one of the most convenient locations to live in.  I value the mission of the DRC and look forward to working to build the community through improvements as well as attracting home buyers and small businesses. I first got involved with Dundalk Renaissance in 2018.

Cory D. Edwards, Vice President2020-09-12T22:47:06-04:00

Laticia Braxton, Board Member


I first got involved with Dundalk Renaissance in 2019, after starting my new position with Blue Ocean. What excites me most is seeing how the DRC is actively engaged in solidifying the forward trajectory of Dundalk. Although I am not a resident, as a new business owner in the Historic Dundalk Town Center, I am personally and financially vested in the overall growth of Dundalk, and am committed to doing whatever I can to assist in revitalizing and strengthening the community. Affiliations and skills: Director, Commercial Operations – Blue Ocean REALTOR® Owner, Plush Hair Studio LLC Skilled in Residential & Commercial [...]

Laticia Braxton, Board Member2020-09-13T00:08:44-04:00
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