Edward Parker, Emeritus


I am a Former Vice President of the Baltimore County Board of Education and the proud father of Michael Parker, the current Principal of Dundalk Elementary School. I was involved with DRC from the beginning, and worked with others in Baltimore County government and the community to prepare for the Urban Design Assistance Team that led to the formation of DRC. It was a very exciting time working with Jane Willeboordse (at Baltimore County, and then as Executive Director of DRC) and a team of design experts led by Peter Batchelor to devise plans for how Dundalk’s future could be re-imagined. The [...]

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Patricia Quintero-Hall, Board Member


I fell in love with Dundalk when I rented a small house by the water. What excites me most about DRC's mission is their honest and deliberate intent to invest in its neighborhoods, economy and most importantly to improve the quality of life for its residents. I was very familiar with DRC's work for maybe 5 years before I joined the board in 2017, and have been involved with the Dundalk Cares initiative. Skills and expertise:  I have grant writing skills and experience in facilitating workshops on race, culture, and other social identities.

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Dawn Dishon-Feuer, Treasurer


I am a proud 4th generation Dundalk resident with two 5th generation Dundalkians. I’m most excited that DRC spreads and encourages love for Dundalk.  I grew up in Dundalk, met my husband here (also a Dundalkian), and we couldn’t think of any other place to live and raise our family.  The DRC does so much to help others feel the same.  By building and improving our community, DRC is making Dundalk a place where people want to live, work, and play. I first became involved with DRC when volunteering as part of a railroad cleanup in 2013. Other affiliations and activities: Secretary [...]

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Dan Dawes, President


Dundalk is ready to move into prime time! I’m excited to help craft and tell the story to potential residents. I first got involved in DRC about 5 years ago with the kickoff of DRC’s new brand. My wife and I provided feedback on why we moved from the city to Dundalk with the hope of telling our story to help encourage others to follow in our footsteps. Our home and two boys are featured in some of the photos in various promotional materials. Other affiliations and activities: I’m co-founder and CEO of Response Labs, a digital CRM marketing agency in [...]

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