Formerly known as the Dundalk Village Shopping Center, Old Dundalk Shopping Center, Main Street, etc., now to be called Historic Dundalk Town Center!

In April, DRC took the initiative of gathering multiple stakeholders from the community to collect feedback and data about our historic business district. Among those stakeholders were neighborhood association leaders, funders, elected government officials and government staff, and the greater Dundalk community. Through the process of gathering data, the consultants, Arnett Muldrow & Associates, presented a suitable brand for the business district that will guide its growth towards future success.

Throughout the next couple of months, the focus of the brand will be to have it incorporated and fully adopted by all the businesses, pursue projects that can make the business district more vibrant and welcoming, and continue the efforts of incubating businesses to the area.

There’s a way we can all be involved, and we ask that you become involved as a Brand Partner! A Brand Partner takes the role of incorporating the brand in many different ways, including visiting local businesses, using the brand, volunteering, and much more!

Contact Chris Pineda, Community Engagement Coordinator, to become a Brand Partner at