The Gallery @ the Forge

The Gallery @ the Forge is meant to showcase up-and-coming and established Dundalk artists. The goal of this space is to highlight the immense talent that exists within Dundalk and provide artists with the experience of put together a show. If you are interested in showcasing your work at the Forge, reach out to our Business Development Manager, Nicholas Staigerwald (410.282.0261 ext 103 |

Past Exhibits: View Through My Lens

“View Through My Lens” 

Barbara Bustard
September 2022

Barbara Bustard is a local artist who received an AA degree from CCBC Dundalk and is a graduate of Notre Dame University of Maryland with a BA Degree in Religious Studies and Art.

More about Barbara and her work.

“Beautiful Dundalk”

Jennifer Smutek
October 2022

Jennifer Smutek is a professional wedding photographer and a Dundalk local whose passion for art started as a child. 

More about Jennifer’s work. 

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