Since 2014 Dundalk Renaissance has helped 178 current homeowners renovate their properties; planted 600 trees; removed 48,000 pounds of trash from streets; hosted 47 main street events; and helped 6 pop up shops transform into 4 permanent stores.

In 2019 we awarded $50,000 for improvements to Historic Dundalk Town Center Businesses like Then and Again and Plush Hair Salon (coming soon); we helped 15 senior families age in place through our senior home repair program; increased the average appraisal value of 10 grantee renovations by about $82,000; and 830  people received home buyer and financial education through our classes.

We do all this because we believe Dundalk’s best days are ahead of us.

For the price of your next cup of coffee or drink out you can help us continue our mission of raising home values, bringing the community together, and revitalizing the Historic Dundalk Town Center.  This Giving Tuesday consider donating to Dundalk Renaissance and be the change you want to see in Dundalk.

Donate now.