We’re so excited to announce that we are the recipient of a $10,000 grant from United Way through their Change Maker Challenge.

“We are so grateful to have been selected as one of the top 10 finalists in Baltimore County by United Way,” Executive Director, Amy Menzer said.

Our housing and financial counselor, Sonya Dease, pitched a new program that would help Dundalk families facing eviction stay in their homes.  We know the pandemic has been on hardworking families and sometimes that meant getting behind on the mortgage–which is why families who enter into our program will be eligible to access a loan to pay late mortgage payments (up to three months) and refinance their home for a lower monthly rate.  United Way’s grant will provide the basis of a program we plan to launch March 1, 2022. Program specifics are under way.

Baltimore County is in the top 50 most vulnerable districts in the country as we emerge from the pandemic.  An estimated 180,000 mortgages are behind in Baltimore County.  In September alone, 200 notices of evictions were issued.
“With the economic uncertainty experienced this past year, we need to be proactive with ensuring our community stability,” Housing and Financial Counselor, Sonya Dease, said.  “We believe this revolving loan fund will help stabilize our home ownership community.”

High property foreclosure rates throughout communities can endanger communities by driving down property values.  “By ensuring we provide adequate support to homeowners we are also aiding in ensuring sustainable progress throughout.  The continued ownership of the property will be an added wealth builder for families and their future generations,” Sonya said.

“Sonya has been doing a tremendous job leading our Housing and Financial Counseling work. Financial stability is family stability,” Amy said.  “Preserving and sustaining homeownership builds wealth and stabilizes neighborhoods. It’s all connected, and her success is our community’s success.”

Watch Sonya’s pitch.